As we celebrate 100 years of cooperation in 2016, NCBA CLUSA is promoting a unified cooperative identity that builds public awareness by communicating the value and core principles of the co-op business model to consumers through the use of the .coop domain and CO-OP marque.  

As a cooperative business, you’re committed to putting people and communities above bottom lines. You believe the voluntary, open membership and democratic member control at the heart of the co-op business model are critical to sustainable, equitable economic growth. And that profits belong in the hands of members, not CEOs or shareholders.

But does your neighbor know? Do your customers know? What about your local government official? NCBA CLUSA’s OwnIt initiative seeks to bridge that awareness gap. Our OwnIt microsite provides you with the tools you need to visibly differentiate yourself from traditional businesses. Through consistent, universal use, the .coop domain and CO-OP marque will become trusted symbols of ethical, democratic and trustworthy business—in the same way that buying a bag of coffee marked “Fair Trade” lets you know that the farmers behind your morning brew earned a decent wage.

Recently, the nation’s largest consumer co-op REI recently introduced a new logo—the first to include the word “co-op” since 1983, actively embracing its cooperative identity. More than 1,400 other cooperative businesses—including True Value, Equal Exchange and the National Cooperative Bank—have already chosen to #OwnIt by using a .coop domain. Now it’s your turn. Help celebrate 100 years of cooperation by raising awareness of the movement you believe in. Get the information you need at