"In the Spirit of Cooperation" - Digital Screening Kit


Thank you for your interest in hosting a screening of "In the Spirit of Cooperation" produced  by Visionaries for PBS, presented by NCBA CLUSA.

For a link to download the HD film for screening, please fill out a Screening Application, and we will contact you with a link to the file.

A huge thank you to this episode's sponsors, who generously supported The Visionaries Public Television Series this season: 

We are pleased to provide some items to use for your local screening below:

  • Customizable poster
  • Social media image
  • Promotional postcard
  • Fun facts to enhance your promotion and event

Be sure to share your screening with us on Twitter and Facebook using #CoopDoc and #100yrsCoop and tagging @NCBACLUSA

Check out these fun facts to facilitate a post-screening Q&A:

  • The National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA CLUSA) was founded 100 years ago, but co-ops have been around since the 1700s. Learn more co-op history from our 100th Anniversary timeline.
  • The camera crew travelled over 37,000 miles to shoot this film in 6 locations on 3 continents.
  • This film features four types of co-ops (agriculture, worker-owned, credit unions and consumer based, such as food co-ops), but the co-op model is also used for utilities, purchasing and housing as well! Learn more about the different Co-op Sectors.
  • Learn more about why Visionaries chose the co-op model as a subject.
  •  What was your favorite co-op story? Let us know using #CoopDoc and #100yrscoop